In this episode I am talking to Megan Bennett. You may already know her as Megan – Team Amy Takes Pictures or Megan – Team Brioka. That’s right, she’s my awesome right-hand-gal! But she’s not only my assistant, she’s also a Maker herself.

Listen in to hear us chat about how Megan found her authentic voice as an artist, what it’s like behind the scenes around here, and a bunch of fun stuff we didn’t already know about each other! 

About Megan:

Megan is a mixed media artist, who usually describes her work as “I glue book pages to stuff that falls out of trees.” She uses natural materials as her inspiration, and can often be found hanging out in the forest gathering acorn caps, fallen branches and other interesting bits. Her work tends to be small-scale with a healthy dose of whimsy – you can always expect to find tiny bookshelf crowns, hand carved acorns, her signature book page leaf buds and a whole lot of moss!

She lives in Vancouver with her husband, two only mildly well behaved dogs, and their two year old son, who thankfully loves wandering around in the forest as much as his mother does!


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