In this episode I’m chatting with graphic designer Stacy Fredericks

Just when everything was moving online and going digital Stacy made the bold decision to move toward print. Listen in as we chat about how she came to that decision, how she works with business owners to create physical items that will “surprise and delight” their clients and to hear us get a little bit nerdy about paper and the joy of getting cool stuff in the mail!


About Stacy:

Stacy Fredericks is a graphic designer and founder of Waypoint Creative Services. With 10 + years designing for print, Stacy helps female founders surprise and delight their clients with print assets that elevate their client experience. She has a knack for creating unique print pieces that keep you top of mind, heart, and wallet. When she’s not nerding out on the latest paper swatch book, you can find her cosied up with her kiddos and kitties watching Disney movies or playing Minecraft. Connect with Stacy on instagram @waypoint_creative for all things paper and printspiration. 



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