“After a decade in business, and running Pip Robins full time for eight years, my social media following was fairly strong, and my online sales were high enough to pay my bills. But with the skills I’ve learned and the putting the SSS lessons into practice, my social media following has more than doubled, and online sales grown an additional $75,000 in the year since starting the class. I couldn’t be happier!”


Pip Robbins

“Snap, Sell, Succeed has given me the confidence as a new small business owner to showcase my handmade products to the world! With her impressive knowledge, experience and hands-on teaching style, Amy takes the guesswork out of producing high quality photos, saving me valuable time and frustration.”


Cotton Stitch Collective

“If it wasn’t for SSS, my shop wouldn’t be where it’s at today. Not only do I now have the capability to shoot my own items with a professional look, but being featured online now seems to be a regular thing for my business. My photography skills are constantly improving and at the same time, my sales also increase. Amy’s program is the best thing I could have invested in for my business.

Thank you Amy!”


Blush and Gold Collective

“When I first saw Amy’s course being advertised I wasn’t sure about spending so much on just one aspect of my Etsy shop. Thankfully my partner convinced me that I should invest in my business and now I’m so glad I signed up.

Since opening my Etsy shop I have struggled with how to style my photos and which props to use. Although I knew my way around my camera fairly well, I wasn’t able to translate the theory into practice. With Amy’s videos and worksheets I have not only learned how to take great photos, but also how to develop a cohesive brand image for my shop.

Snap, Sell, Succeed has given me the confidence to experiment with my photography more and also the knowledge I needed to make my products shine on Etsy. Thank you Amy!”


The Sage Haven

“I joined Amy’s Snap, Sell, Succeed Learning Community just a few short months ago, and have learned so many important and easy to implement tricks to improve my product photography.

Amy truly has our best interests as small product based business owners in mind as she develops this program. She focuses on product photography and teaches simple but super effective ways to achieve gorgeous photos for selling platforms as well as social media without investing a lot of money on props and special equipment.

Amy’s course was designed to cover all of the basics of product photography for us to learn at our own pace, but doesn’t stop there. She has been there to guide us through any struggles we’ve encountered along the way.

Since I joined Snap, Sell, Succeed, my product photos are brighter, clearer, formatted properly, and overall more inviting which is ultimately resulting in an increase in sales.

I can’t thank Amy enough for what I have learned in such a short time. I look forward to continuing to grow as a photographer as I continue my journey.”


Once Upon A Fairy Tale

“It was 6 months after I opened my first Etsy shop. I was taking photos of my products (then jewelry and organizers) with my iPhone. I took photos in direct sunlight, because all the advice articles out there say you need ‘natural light’. I was sure that my photos were pretty much okay.
Then I saw Amy’s free 5 day challenge and joined it. I learned SO MUCH!

I wasn’t sure if I’d join the SSS course yet, it was a big investment for then. My shop didn’t make a lot of sales and I was on the fence about it for a few days. At last I decided to join, and I’m SO GLAD I DID!!! Now I understand that my photos were horrible!!

Amy’s SSS course was a rescue boat for me! She taught us all the tricks to take amazing photos and edit them like the professionals .

I started using my DSLR that I had for years and was afraid to touch… And I’m glad to say I love taking photos and editing them as much as I love crafting new jewelry!

I’ve gotten so many views and visits, and of course, sales since then. It was the best investment for my business!”


Baby Noom Nursery

Without Amy & the SSS group, there is no way my photos would have improved! Amy explains everything in an easy & understandable way and always has something positive to say. I’ve still got some improvements to make, but I know with Amy’s help, I’ll get there! If you want help taking & editing photos and all the headaches that come along with it, don’t hesitate to join Snap Sell Succeed, you won’t regret it! Thanks Amy!


Little Seb

“Thank you to Amy and the Snap, Sell, Succeed group. The help and input I receive has really helped me improve my product photos. The course is very easy to follow and Amy’s down to earth approach to teaching gives me just what I need to know in terms I can understand! The personal feedback has been invaluable, Amy is always quick to respond to questions and ready with helpful advice. I also love the little extra perks you receive being a member (for life) such as editing presets for my phone and access to new courses. Thank you Amy and SSS friends, I still have much to learn but my photos are improving! Best money you will spend, worth every penny!!”


Red Pine Creations

“I learned an incredible amount in such a short amount of time. Amy is amazing at teaching you the most important information you need to know and leaving out all the other “stuff” that makes product photography and editing so intimidating. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand and work through a problem with you to help you succeed in what you’re ultimately going for in a photo.

I have had increased traffic to my store and social media accounts and I credit a lot of it to the photo quality. My photos have never been better! She taught me how to capture the best part of a product to showcase them in such a way to be very eye-catching to shoppers. I finally have an understanding for the best practices when it comes to props, lighting, editing and so much more.
Thank you so much Amy! I will forever be thankful to the knowledge you have given me. I will continue to recommend your course for years to come.”


Treasure Trove Jewelry