Today, on this last day of the Cozy Creative, we’re talking about rest and planning in your business.


Rest provides opportunity for reflection. It allows space for inspiration. And gives us time to engage in the reasons WHY we work so hard – spend time with family, travel and explore, create with freedom for ourselves, whatever else is important to you. Work hard. Rest well.


Planning is the roadmap for your business. Mapping out your year ahead, setting goals with measurable outcomes, blocking off space for time off or working “on” your business instead of “in” your business, and being prepared to be flexible and adaptable are all keys to a successful year in business.






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Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less By Alex Soojung-Kim Pang


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt


Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity by Felicia Day


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