In this episode I’m chatting with Becca Rich, a holistic time coach who helps busy, ambitious entrepreneurs reclaim their time and combat time scarcity.


How many times have you said or thought “there’s never enough time”? I’ve thought it MANY times – today. While scarcity mindset in terms of money is something we hear about often, time scarcity was a brand new concept for me and one I really needed to hear.


What Becca shares in this episode is absolutely game-changing for entrepreneurs and creatives who feel like they’re always struggling with time. Time is finite, but the way we view our time can make it feel like there truly is more hours in the day.


About Becca

Becca Rich is a holistic time coach and consultant supporting conscious yet ambitious business owners heal time scarcity and leverage their unique way of operating, so they can unapologetically live and work their way. As an engineer turned mindfulness teacher and holistic coach, her mission is to blow up the hustling status quo and help folks discover tools and mindsets authentic to them. Becca’s deeply committed to the ripple effect that happens when we begin to reclaim our time. If you’re interested in her work, be sure to connect with Becca!


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