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Uplevel your brand + product photography for your creative business through online courses delivered in my signature simplified, step-by-step teaching style. Read: No more photography headaches. Your photos are about to get SO good, friend!

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saying about learning from Amy

“With her impressive knowledge, experience and hands-on teaching style, Amy takes the guesswork out of producing high quality photos, saving me valuable time and frustration.”


Cotton Stitch Collective

“Not only do I now have the capability to shoot my own items with a professional look, but being featured online now seems to be a regular thing for my business. My photography skills are constantly improving and at the same time, my sales also increase. Amy’s program is the best thing I could have invested in for my business.”


Blush and Gold Collective

“With Amy’s videos and worksheets I have not only learned how to take great photos, but also how to develop a cohesive brand image for my shop.”


The Sage Haven

“Amy truly has our best interests as small product based business owners. She focuses on product photography and teaches simple but super effective ways to achieve gorgeous photos for selling platforms as well as social media without investing a lot of money on props and special equipment.”


Once Upon A Fairytale

“I started using my DSLR that I had for years and was afraid to touch… And I’m glad to say I love taking photos and editing them as much as I love crafting new jewelry!”


Snow Angel Craft Shop

Online Courses & Tools

Product Photography 101

Take better photos with ease!

You know you need great product photos for your handmade business, but learning product photography is basically rocket science. It’s complicated, confusing, and overwhelming! Until now, that is.

Product Photography 101 is your crash course in DIY product photography, and the perfect place to start if you’re totally lost when it comes to taking photos of your handmade goods. In this course, I break the basics down into simple, easy-to-understand language with demonstrations on a simple lighting setup that requires zero fancy equipment, a quick editing process, and outlining best practices for styling your photos. If you’ve been struggling with how to get started taking great product photos, I’ve got you covered.

Master the White Background

Make your products stand out!

One of the trickiest things to capture in product photography is that crisp, white background. You set up your shot, it seems like everything looks great but then – what the heck? Why is this white background coming out GREY?! As a professional product photographer, I can tell ya – it isn’t easy. BUT, I’ve got you covered. I’ve broken down the process into simple, easy steps to achieve that crisp, white background look – without the headache.

“Amy explains everything in an easy & understandable way and always has something positive to say. I’ve still got some improvements to make, but I know with Amy’s help, I’ll get there!”


Little Seb

Your DSLR Made Simple

Demystify your fancy camera!

You have this beautiful DSLR camera that you KNOW is capable of taking gorgeous photos. But for some reason, every photo you take is worse than the last! You’re frustrated that you invested money in a piece of equipment that just isn’t working for you. But hold up – it CAN work for you. In your hands, that camera is capable of taking stunning, professional-looking photos for your business. You just need to learn how to use it!

Easy Photo Editing

Make editing photos fun!

Editing your photos is an absolute must when it comes to professional-looking photos for your business – but here’s some GREAT news: It doesn’t have to be hard! In this course, I break down editing into simple, easy-to-follow steps that effectively and efficiently help you turn your product photos into masterpieces!

“The course is very easy to follow and Amy’s down to earth approach to teaching gives me just what I need to know in terms I can understand!”


Red Pine Creations

Lightroom Presets

Pretty much an easy button.

Compatible with both Lightroom desktop (Classic and CC) and Lightroom Mobile (no Adobe subscription required!), these presets will change the game for your photo editing. You’ll save time AND feel more confident in your product photos.

20 presets included

Most major edits are covered

4 stylized presets for social media (that won’t mess with your colours)

Video tutorials on how to install and use the presets included

Photoshop Actions

A different easy button.

These robust Photoshop actions do all of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to editing and fine-tuning your photos. From cropping them to the correct size and ratio for different platforms, to getting that super white background, these actions have you covered and make your photo editing quick, simple, and (dare I say it?) even enjoyable!

23 Photoshop actions included

Most major edits are covered with these tools

5 “finishing touches” included that will really take your photos to the next level

Video tutorials on how to install and use the presets included

“I learned an incredible amount in such a short amount of time. Amy is amazing at teaching you the most important information you need to know and leaving out all the other “stuff” that makes product photography and editing so intimidating.”


Treasure Trove Jewelry

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