In this episode, I’m speaking with creative business and jewelry maker, Amanda Sampson.


Amanda started her jewelry business in 2019, growing it continuously as a side hustle until COVID-19 forced the closure of her restaurant. Amanda threw herself full-time into her jewelry business, Night Moves Atelier, which developed a passionate fan-following and landed a spot in a show for emerging designers at New York Fashion Week in 2021.


Listen in as Amanda talks about her business journey, the challenges, triumphs, and realities of running a creative business, and how showing at New York Fashion Week impacted her small business.


Things you might hear…


“Your community that you foster with your brand? They are everything.”


“You need to be constantly in reflection of what you’re bringing to the table.”


“If you think of people as community it changes the perspective and changes that narrative.”


“You can learn so much from other people, just chatting with them, if you let go of that fear of intimidation.”


About Amanda


Amanda is the designer/maker/babe-in-chief of Night Moves Atelier. Night Moves Atelier designs colourful retro-inspired handmade polymer clay earrings and accessories for rad babes everywhere. What started in early 2019 as a creative side hustle quickly turned into a full-time career and passion. 




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