In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with artist, online educator, and fellow podcaster, Julieanne Steedman.


Julieanne shares the story of her journey from burnt out school teacher to successful creative entrepreneur, how doubt about her talent as an artist prevented her from moving into a creative career earlier, and how the idea of success has changed for her over time.


Julieanne’s story is so special in that it is SO relatable, but also so inspiring for others to hear what’s possible for them and their creative business too.


Things you’ll hear…


“The storytelling behind your work and creating a connection with your audience is key”


“There’s a lot more opportunity now for people as artists and handmakers to actually do this as a job”


“Success to me is doing something that you feel really good about.”


“I get to teach and mentor other makers, and that just makes me feel so so good.”


About Julieanne


Julieanne Steedman is an artist, online educator, podcaster, and champion for her handmade community. She believes in the power of community, that spending time in nature often gives you the answers you need, and that there is no such thing as too much coffee. She is passionate about supporting creatives to master the art of a thriving business. Julieanne lives and runs her business, Heirloom Island in rural Northern Ontario.




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