In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with photographer and self-portrait artist, Michelle England.


Michelle first picked up a camera as a way to document her children throughout their formative years, and evolved her craft into a creative business where she captures artistic documentary style portraits for women, families, and couples.


As a working photographer, Michelle acknowledges the pressure to always be sharing content, feeling the need to prove your worth and talent, and how being creative and running a business often don’t go hand in hand. But, Michelle has remained steadfast in her resolve to always prioritize her creative vision and artistic self-care. And it’s truly inspiring.


In one of my favourite interviews to date, Michelle shares honest truths about creativity and business, artistic self-care, and integrity as an artist. This conversation will inspire creatives across all genres to honour their artistic vision, tune into what feels right and good to them as artists, and to seek out that elusive balance between creative and business.




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