The online learning market is growing rapidly and is on track to become a $375 billion a year industry within the next few years. Want a piece of that pie? We’re going to help you get it.


In this episode, Amy is joined by fellow co-founder of Brioka, Jeff. They’re sharing exactly how to choose a course topic that you’ll love teaching and that will attract students (even if there’s already lots of “free” content on the subject out there).


Amy and Jeff are talking about:

👉 How to choose something you both love and know

👉 That you don’t have to be the top authority or most knowledgeable expert on the subject to teach effectively

👉 The difference between paid courses and free tutorials, and why you shouldn’t let those free tutorials hold you back from creating a course on your chosen topic

👉 How to hone in on a topic that is both wanted and needed by the community you’ll be teaching



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