In this episode I am chatting with expert Etsy seller and business coach, and host of the Crickets to Cha-Chings Podcast, Lauren Keplinger!

Lauren has been selling on Etsy for 10 years and has earned more than $800,000 in revenue in that time!  She has definitely cracked the code to selling on Etsy and she now shares that knowledge with other Etsy sellers through her Coaching business. 

Listen in to hear us talk about how running an Etsy shop has changed over the years, Lauren’s business journey, and how meaningful it is to shop on Etsy and support other Makers.

About Lauren:

Lauren Keplinger started selling on Etsy in 2012, and has since grown her basement shop to a $800,000 company with over 22,000 sales on the platform. In 2018 she started coaching other Etsy sellers to grow and scale their Etsy shop through her website, and her Crickets to Cha-Chings podcast.



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