Creative Integrity with Michelle England

In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with photographer and self-portrait artist, Michelle England.


Michelle first picked up a camera as a way to document her children throughout their formative years, and evolved her craft into a creative business where she captures artistic documentary style portraits for women, families, and couples.


As a working photographer, Michelle acknowledges the pressure to always be sharing content, feeling the need to prove your worth and talent, and how being creative and running a business often don’t go hand in hand. But, Michelle has remained steadfast in her resolve to always prioritize her creative vision and artistic self-care. And it’s truly inspiring.


In one of my favourite interviews to date, Michelle shares honest truths about creativity and business, artistic self-care, and integrity as an artist. This conversation will inspire creatives across all genres to honour their artistic vision, tune into what feels right and good to them as artists, and to seek out that elusive balance between creative and business.


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Leaving a Day Job

In this episode, I’m sharing the story of how I walked away from my day job exactly 5 years ago to the day. With no savings, no prospects, and no activity in my business for months, I took a major risk – and it paid off BIG TIME.

To celebrate this magical day, I’m sharing my story with you – from the final straw, to the tears that led to my breakthrough. And, I’m sharing some of my best advice for how you can leave your day job too.

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Slow Fashion and Partnerpreneurship with Brodie & Michelle

In this week’s episode of Bold Company I’m sitting down with Brodie and Michelle, the women behind Canadian slow fashion brand, Blondie Apparel.

Brodie and Michelle, with a background as small fashion retailer and fashion designer respectively, founded their company through a love of simple, uncomplicated fashion, small business, and supporting local.

As they outgrew their capacity to keep up with demand, they faced the challenge of outsourcing their manufacturing – a daunting task for them, who were firm on their commitment to remain 100% Canadian and wanted to maintain a connection to those who would go on to make the clothes for their cherished customers.

Listen in to hear how they evolved from handmaking all of their clothes, to finding the right manufacturers (after some missteps) to bring their pieces to life – all while navigating business partnership, a pandemic, and a fabric scarcity.

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The Winding Road of Entrepreneurship with Jess Van Den

In this episode, I sit down with Jess Van Den of the Create & Thrive podcast, and Thriver Circle, a membership for handmade business owners. 

Jess and I talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, how she went from science teacher to a jewelry maker, and then grew into a podcaster and handmade business coach through focus, hard work, sacrifice, and the unconditional support from her partner and husband.

After being in this business for nearly a decade, Jess is FULL of wisdom and inspiration for creatives trying to make a go of it in business. This episode is definitely a must-listen!


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Your Creative Voice with Nicola Taylor

In this episode of the Bold Company podcast, I’m chatting with Nicola Taylor of Makers Business Toolkit.

Nicola is a fine art photographer and mentor for makers and artists running their own businesses.

She and I had one of my favourite conversations to date – all about finding your unique voice as a creative, maintaining your creativity and inspiration as a professional creative, and how there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to go about it.

If you are a creative professional of any kind, you are going to LOVE this conversation.

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Starting before you’re ready with Telisa Roessein

In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with Telisa of Roessein Art. Telisa is a calligrapher and engraver based in Toronto, and she has worked with some big brands – all because she decided she wanted to.

Telisa’s inspiring story from working an office job in human resources, to a sought-after calligrapher and engraver for some of the world’s biggest luxury brands, is nothing short of wildly inspiring.

We talk pricing and valuing yourself as a creative professional, how identifying the kinds of customers you want to attract can direct your business efforts, and how taking risks pays off. Telisa shares some incredible gems of wisdom and advice in this chat, and I cannot wait for you to take it all in! Enjoy!

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