The Winding Road of Entrepreneurship with Jess Van Den

In this episode, I sit down with Jess Van Den of the Create & Thrive podcast, and Thriver Circle, a membership for handmade business owners. 

Jess and I talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, how she went from science teacher to a jewelry maker, and then grew into a podcaster and handmade business coach through focus, hard work, sacrifice, and the unconditional support from her partner and husband.

After being in this business for nearly a decade, Jess is FULL of wisdom and inspiration for creatives trying to make a go of it in business. This episode is definitely a must-listen!


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Your Creative Voice with Nicola Taylor

In this episode of the Bold Company podcast, I’m chatting with Nicola Taylor of Makers Business Toolkit.

Nicola is a fine art photographer and mentor for makers and artists running their own businesses.

She and I had one of my favourite conversations to date – all about finding your unique voice as a creative, maintaining your creativity and inspiration as a professional creative, and how there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to go about it.

If you are a creative professional of any kind, you are going to LOVE this conversation.

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Starting before you’re ready with Telisa Roessein

In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with Telisa of Roessein Art. Telisa is a calligrapher and engraver based in Toronto, and she has worked with some big brands – all because she decided she wanted to.

Telisa’s inspiring story from working an office job in human resources, to a sought-after calligrapher and engraver for some of the world’s biggest luxury brands, is nothing short of wildly inspiring.

We talk pricing and valuing yourself as a creative professional, how identifying the kinds of customers you want to attract can direct your business efforts, and how taking risks pays off. Telisa shares some incredible gems of wisdom and advice in this chat, and I cannot wait for you to take it all in! Enjoy!

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From Rat Race to Flower Farmers with Sarah Macalpine

In this episode, I’m speaking with Sarah – entrepreneur, flower farmer, florist, and all around superb human being.

Sarah and her husband Kenny made some huge, bold changes in their life when they realised they wanted something different. They wanted to work together, spend more time outside, and get out of the rat race. So, they uprooted their lives in Ontario and move four provinces over to Nova Scotia, starting a brand new adventure as flower farmers.

Sarah tells the story of their journey, how their family and friends felt about their bold move, their early challenges, how they continue to grow and develop as entrepreneurs, and how they’ve risen to local fame as the most sought-after florists in the area.

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Being a Rule Breaker with Shannon Siriano Greenwood

In this episode, I’m chatting with Shannon Siriano Greenwood of Rebelle – a company dedicated to creating supportive environments for women to help them thrive both personally and professionally.

Shannon and I bonded over a mutual love and dedication to forging our own path, regardless of traditional “rules” and convention – AND our commitment to helping others do the same.

In this conversation, Shannon shares her path as an entrepreneur, her candid points of view on business, work, and family, and what being successful means to her.

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Rebelle Con, March 21st – 23rd 2021


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My Painful, Beautiful, Transformative Creative Journey

Last summer, I hit a breaking point. I had stifled my creativity out of fear for so long that I firmly believe I was “not a creative person”. Until it began bubbling up out of me in the most unexpected of ways – anxiety, mood swings, tears randomly bursting out of my face at the oddest of times. I couldn’t keep it locked away any more.

At the time, I didn’t even know what “it” was – only that I was really struggling. I was disconnected, lost, unsure of where to go with my business and how to “fix” whatever it was that felt broken inside me.

One conversation changed everything for me, and in this episode I share what was said that made me really evaluate my beliefs that I “wasn’t creative”, and how that began a beautiful, painful, and transformative quest to finding myself and my voice as a creative.

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