In this episode I’m talking in depth with fellow Nova Scotian photographer DeeDee Morris.

DeeDee’s creative work is stunning and powerful. She works primarily with women, capturing their true essences by getting to know them deeply and personally. Everyone has a different story to tell and DeeDee gives women the space to get vulnerable and real. And raw.

Listen in to hear DeeDee talk about her process, how she views her creativity, and the importance of charging what you are worth as a creative business owner. Plus you get to hear us bond over what a small world it is and how much we love Nova Scotia!

About DeeDee:

DeeDee Morris is an awe-inspiring photographer whose work is not only beautifully raw, but is also incredibly honest. She dives in deep with her subjects, getting to know them on a personal and spiritual level, and is then able to capture a single moment that portrays their vulnerable individuality in stunning ways. Her work celebrates family, motherhood, self-understanding,and love of the natural world, all of which are outward expressions of her own values and ambitions. DeeDee’s pursuit of authenticity is a rare and powerful experience.

Featured in Lemonade and Lenses, Wild Woman Magazine, Feels Zine, and multiple other prints, she has also shown her work in galleries across Canada. She lives on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia with her husband and twin girls.


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