Bold Company – Episode 8

featuring Mai-Kee Tsang

Show Notes

In episode eight of Bold Company, I’m speaking with my friend Mai-Kee Tsang. Mai-Kee’s road to entrepreneurship was paved with tremendous challenges. Everything, from her upbringing as a “good little Asian” child to a horrendously abusive relationship as a young adult, Mai-Kee was essentially trained to be obedient, and live a safe, conventional life. But her brave, warrior-woman spirit fought hard to change her story, and she HAS.

Mai-Kee’s story is one of vulnerability, honesty, and overcoming significant adversity to live the life she was called for, and deserves. This interview is an absolute must-listen for anyone trying to grow a business and live a better life. 

A special thank you to Mai-Kee for her brave vulnerability when speaking with me on Bold Company. Her story will no doubt inspire so many others on their own difficult paths to a better life.


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