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90+ Prop Ideas For

Your Styled Photos

If you’re stumped for props to include in your styled photos, this prop list is for you! Including over 90 prop ideas for different brand styles, this list is sure to spark some inspiration and give your styled photos some fresh new life!

Product Photography

Quality Checklist

Updated for 2020! Having great product photos is key to your success as a maker selling online. Ever wonder how yours rate? Check them against this handy checklist, and BONUS, get a full breakdown on what actually makes a product photo great.

5 Styles of Photos

For Your Instagram

Ever wonder what the recipe is for those dynamic and interesting Instagram feeds that your fellow entrepreneurs are rocking? In this free guide, I’m breaking down the 5 styles of photos you should have for your Instagram feed, AND give you hot tips on taking authentic, beautiful DIY brand photos for your business.

Stand out, get noticed + sell more
with gorgeous photos for your business

Amy on YouTube

If you have a question about photography, there’s a good chance I’ve answered it on my YouTube channel! Packed full of videos that cover a wide variety of tips and advice, I promise to get straight to the point and tell you exactly what you need to know.

Presets + Actions

Ever wanted a professional to edit your photos for you? This is the next best thing! With my sets of Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets, it’s basically like having me in your pocket, helping you edit your photos. One-click, super fast edits that cover almost any fix you need for your product photos.

Online Courses

You’ve been trying endlessly to figure out product photography on your own – your frustrated, confused and you can’t figure out why you can’t get your photos to look right. I just want to you know – I see you. And I made these courses for you. No more technical jargon, no more complex setups and strategies. Just simple, step-by-step learning that teaches you exactly what you need to know about photography.


Boldly go in the direction of your wildest business dreams

Bold Company Podcast

The Bold Company podcast with Amy Eaton features real, unscripted conversations with real entrepreneurs and creatives. You will bear witness to some honest conversations about business, life, mindset, failure, and success. And know that wherever you are in the progress of your own story – you are not alone.

Bold Sessions

Running a business can be incredibly difficult. Knowing what direction to head in, how to grow to that next level, and get a grasp on all of the things you need to succeed is overwhelming. My mentorship can help you gain clarity, set + reach your biggest goals, and inspire you to be bold in your business, which will help you uplevel faster and with more confidence.

Why Learn From Me?

Why Learn from me?
In short: I’m a professional product photographer who knows her stuff – but what’s even more important is that I know how to teach efficient, effective photography practices in the most simplified, step-by-step way. No muss, no fuss, and no over-your-head technical jargon. Just straight-forward information that you need to know.

All of my courses and tools are developed with non-photographers in mind, so they’re simple and to the point. I don’t need to show off how much I know with big words or fancy setups – my goal is to have my students taking gorgeous photos for their businesses as quickly and easily as possible.

Here’s what they have to say about learning photography with me:


“If it wasn’t for Amy, my shop wouldn’t be where it’s at today. Not only do I now have the capability to shoot my own items with a professional look, but being featured online now seems to be a regular thing for my business. My photography skills are constantly improving and at the same time, my sales also increase.


Blush and Gold Collective

“After running Pip Robins full time for eight years, my social media following was fairly strong, and my online sales were high enough to pay my bills. But with the skills I’ve learned from Amy, my social media following has more than doubled, and online sales grown an additional $75,000 in the year since starting the class. I couldn’t be happier!”


Pip Robins

“Amy’s course Snap, Sell, Succeed has given me the confidence as a new small business owner to showcase my handmade products to the world! With her impressive knowledge, experience and hands-on teaching style, Amy takes the guesswork out of producing high quality photos, saving me valuable time and frustration.”


Cotton Stitch Collective

Since opening my Etsy shop I have struggled with how to style my photos and which props to use. Although I knew my way around my camera fairly well, I wasn’t able to translate the theory into practice. With Amy’s videos and worksheets I have not only learned how to take great photos, but also how to develop a cohesive brand image for my shop.


The Sage Haven

“I learned an incredible amount in such a short amount of time. Amy is amazing at teaching you the most important information you need to know and leaving out all the other “stuff” that makes product photography and editing so intimidating. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand and work through a problem with you to help you succeed in what you’re ultimately going for in a photo.


Treasure Trove Jewelry

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